The Exercise Plan

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27 Dec 2014
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16 Jan 2015

Exercise plans and fitness intentions have come and gone many times over the years and who’s to say how different this time will be. Long term planning has never been my thing. I get bored and distracted far too easily and that’s just the way it is. Signing up for anything longer than 2 months is just a crazy and stupid idea in my life. Ask my former gym membership; 2 months of rigorous activity, 10 of crickets and dust bunnies.

In the last year, Vee and I have had the intention of being more regular with our fitness regime, and in the last month or so, we have actually been kicking it up a notch with a relatively consistent cycling / running routine. But, entering 2015, we have become super resolute to keep each other moving and fit, actually formalizing a rather full week of cycling and boxing, instead of the ad hoc activities of yesteryear.

And, because we’re awesome and crazy, there’s certainly no half measures. Despite not having being the most active people, over the last week, from Sunday to Sunday, we have covered over 80 hilly kilometres in about 6 and a half hours and put in 2 hours of fast-paced boxing. By the end of the month, we’ll be ready to kill a 100 km cycle marathon with ease 😀
Maybe I’m delusional, but I think that’s pretty good going for the first week.

It does feel good to be regularly active with my favourite person. Already, we’re feeling fit and trim, and our muscles are definitely developing some more meat. I may not be one for resolutions but I think that this one is going to stick. 🙂

Look out, world!