The Get Rich Slow Scheme

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16 Jun 2011
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16 Jun 2011

It's about putting years of work into building your financial backbone.

Almost everybody within my circle of friends that I approached with Mannatech pointed it out as a get rich quick scheme. Nothing could be closer to the truth. Getting rich in any Network Marketing venture is a slow and tedious process. In fact, anybody who has ever been involved with companies like Amway (Network 21), HerbalLife, Boltron, GDI, and the many others out there, will testify to the fact that getting any financial returns is a slog.

Yet it does work. If you’ve a mind for business and know how to talk to people, you’re set. That doesn’t mean you can’t learn these traits. Some natural salespeople today were the shyness, most unnatural talkers years before. Likewise with businessmen. People who grow up in poor to middle-class homes do not become wealthy overnight.

They put years of work into building their financial backbone, training themselves in what ever way they can.

Getting into a Network Marketing company is the same. Most people see the potential and ignore the work factor and then dismiss it as just another scheme.

Every legitimate business is a get-rich-slow scheme, especially for people who have no business acumen. Because it means that they need to spend years learning how to be successful businessmen, often through trial-and-error, sometimes losing all they built. It’s the risks involved with getting in a venture that most of us never learn how to manage.

Hundreds of new businesses go bust in the first year. Several more disappear in their second year. And yet people keep trying.

Despite our poor-mentality upbringing, everyone knows that owning a business is where the money is. What they don’t take into account is the amount of training and personal growth and work it will take to get there.

Of all the business models out there, Network Marketing is one of the easiest to get into because of it’s relatively low startup investment (which can range from a few hundred rand to several thousand from company to company). Unfortunately, this is also it’s downfall and one of the reasons it has a bad name.

Nobody poo-poos franchising because often you need a minimum of several hundred thousand rand to buy into a franchise. The get-rich-quick wannebees stay clear of these types of business because of the capital required while every Tom, Dick and their Aunty can buy into a Network Marketing business. The problem comes in with these people not taking time to build their business sense and treat their company with the respect it deserves, often giving up before they’ve even started.

They in turn decide that it was the parent company that was at fault, not them.

The truth is if you want to get rich, there are many ways to do it. For the most part, however, you need to put your back into it and it will take some time and effort. So don’t give up your day job…not until your part-time venture is pulling in more income than that full-time day job.