What Did You Do Today?

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31 Dec 2013
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15 Jan 2014

How often do we get asked what we did today and just present the general, well-rehearsed response, “Aw, nothin'”?

How horrible! Even zombies don’t just do nothin’. They don’t do much more than moaning pitifully, eating brains and lurching. They do a lot of lurching actually. But that’s still a whack more than nothin’.

We seriously need to get out of this rut that we drag ourselves into, wallowing in self-pity on how little we’ve done with our day. Even when we’ve done a shit load. And I don’t just mean a load of shit. Why do we do this? Denying the various activities we have tended to in the day, not least of which was actually breathing, driving, eating, taking care of the kids, strategically covering up our bodies with artificial dyed cloth, eating some more, chatting to people in the office, at the petrol station, in the coffee shops, on the side of the road. Why do we tend to view all these activities as nothing’?

Because, my amazing brain has deduced, we consider these things mundane and not worth our attention. We’ve been driving and walking for several decades; It isn’t worth mentioning any more. We talk to the same people every day at roughly the same time on roughly the same topics. Even those oddly dressed folk on the side of the road. Every day is so similar to the previous one as to be the same. And so we may as well have been in a state of sleep walk, a non-decaying zombie, reliving the same groundhog day over and over again, eating the same brains, moaning the same moans, lurching uncomfortably in the same general direction. Doing nothin’ different to the days that preceded.

That, my friends, is kinda sad and would bring tears to my eyes if I had any tear ducts. But zombies don’t tear. They just smell really bad. And I really don’t want to smell bad any more. It may be pointed out that I do tend to lead a slightly more variant life than your average bear, and this would be true if I compared myself to the kind of people who have a regular routine of wake up, brush teeth, drive to work, work, eat breakfast, work, eat lunch, work, drive home, eat supper, sleep. At the same time, I could compare myself to adventurers who sleep in ’til 10am only because they found their beds at dawn, who visit theme parks during school hours, spend the day on the beach or hiking a gorge while the rest of the country watches the office clock slowly ticking away the minutes. I might find myself wanting a little with the latter comparative.

But this is not all about me. This is also about you. A little about you. It’s still mostly about me. You can tell by the fact that my name is emblazoned at the top of this page. And it is about me wanting a little more adventure for you. If that is your desire, of course. Far be it for me to force adventure on the unwilling.

What was I saying?

What Did You Do Today?Oh yes. Choose adventure! Choose to spend an hour a day doing something different. Heck, spend half an hour. This is your day, you get to decided! Buy a sketch book and draw some still life. Go for a walk around your local park. Have an extra helping of chocolate cupcake. Flip off the traffic officer you just drove past. Just make the decision to do something new.

Because I’m darn tired of hearing you respond, “aww, nothin'”. I’m more tired of me responding with the same but I’m confident enough to project this disappointment on you, my delightful readers.

So. What did you do today?