About Ka Huna

Ka Huna massage has been adapted from a form of ancient Polynesian bodywork, originally practised by the spiritual teachers of Hawai’i, called Lomi Lomi Nui or Hawai’ian “temple-style” bodywork. It was a prolonged ritual performed, sometimes, for days to allow the recipient to connect with their inner wisdom for guidance in all matters concerning life.

The ProcessIn South Africa and abroad, the massage process has been shortened and made more practical for use in Industrialised society. Still done with the original intentions of guidance and with love and honour, Ka Huna’s aim is to reawaken all aspects of the being, bring alignment to body, mind and soul and connecting you to your unique true self.

The therapist gives a nurturing massage, using long rhythmical strokes, alternating deep and light pressure. The strokes are made across the whole body bringing back conscious connectivity to all parts.

The therapist uses prayer and simple ritual to prepare for the treatment as well as does regular stretching and a breathing and movement technique which is part of Huna dancing to energize themselves for the treatment.

Ka Huna healing is always done in reverence with compassion, respect and love.

Ka Huna massage has the potential of delivering the following benefits:

  • Enhances the bodies natural healing ability, relieves pain and tension
  • Improves and balances the various body systems (including immune, endocrine, circulatory and digestion)
  • Energizes, restoring ones natural vitality
  • Alleviates anxiety, depression and stress
  • Releases unexpressed emotions and old patterns of behaviour
  • Improves awareness and connection with both the body and mind
  • Improves one’s personal relationship, as well as one’s relationship with others
  • Reawakens your inner power and connection with your true self
  • Brings peace of mind and a true sense of well-being
  • Opens a deeper spiritual connection
  • Connection with your higher self which enlightens you to live in harmony with your self and all things

Training Session

Respecting The Receiver

The Ka Huna massage is an oiled massage, usually requiring the client to wear minimal clothing. Clients may be naked or use a bikini or underwear that they do not mind having getting oiled. A sarong or modesty cloth is used to keep the body covered. In colder days, a thick towel or blanket may be used to ensure the body is kept warm.

A full body massage includes the entire body: back, legs, feet, arms, front, face, and head. Usually the first few sessions will only be performed on the back, legs and arms, until both the therapist and client are confortable with each other or the body requires further work on other areas.

Therapists usually use a grapeseed or coconut base oil, sometimes adding drops of essential oils to the mix. Please inform the therapist if your skin reacts negatively to these oils.

For the modest, a non-oil version of the treatment can be performed over clothing.