Ka Huna PeopleKahuna has had a profound impact on my life, from assisting in my personal growth and healing to the people that I have met and touched.

Every friend and client who has received a treatment has wonderful things to say about it. I would like to share some of their experiences with you.

“It’s a well known fact that I cannot relax… especially in situations where I have to relinquish my obsession with control. The Kahuna experience changes that… Its one of those experiences that I heard other people talk about but its one that I desired to experience for myself. The awesome music combined with the unique massage technique and a blend of oils lured my mind into a tranquil space so much so that at times I forgot Jai was even there ;-). For me (prior to my Kahuna experience) one massage experience was no different from another. With Kahuna each experience is different. What’s also unique about this for me was the technique and how it made me feel after … like I was at peace with myself, my body completely relaxed and revitalized … I was ready to take on the world!”
— Sherina —