Ka Huna Bodywork Treatments

The bodywork is one of the most flexible that I have encountered, with each therapist and session different and catering to the clients needs in that moment. While there is definitely a common thread that identifies this work as Ka Huna, there are no set routines. Therapists learn techniques as one might learn an alphabet and they then bring it together in their own unique way, composing a masterpiece.

Ka Huna MassageA full body massage using base and essential oils, Ka Huna relaxes and refreshes the body and mind. Using flowing movements and breath-work, this massage assists in the alleviation of stress, fatigue and ailments, and works at a deeper level, improving one’s well-being on mental, physical and spiritual levels.
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Floor Treatment

Floor TreatmentUsing the same basic principles of flow and breath, treatments can also be done on a normal bed or floor, fully or semi-clothed. This style of the treatment focuses on pressure points, gently stretching and extending the limbs, and massaging the joints.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy MassageA nurturing, gentle and bonding treatment, the pregnancy massage helps to strengthen the connection between mother and child. This specialised technique allows a woman to receive the nurturing and loving touch of massage all the way into her final trimester. Bodywork, especially of this nature, helps a woman balance the bodily and hormonal changes that accompany pregnancy, keeping her comfortable in her body as it adapts to support her growing baby. The massage is also very balancing and calming to the unborn child.

Going Deeper

Skeletal WorkDeep Tissue Work – Working into tight muscles, this harder form of Ka Huna serves to break through old patterns and to unlock stuck energies in the tighter muscular knots. Outside of the physical benefits, this work can facilitate great energetic shifts in one’s life. It is integrated into the standard work when the client’s body is ready for deep massage.

Joint and Skeletal Work – The skeletal work focuses on tension locked in the joints and bone. It is a deep but comfortable massage and is integrated into the standard Ka Huna treatments. Energetically, this technique helps unlocks core ingrained patterns. It is incredibly relaxing and tranquil.