Treat it as you want it

Never Say Never
10 Jun 2011
The Day I Bathed In The Livingroom
13 Jun 2011

There’s an old saying that goes if you give a Rolls-Royce to a VW Beetle drive, within a year or so, that Rolls-Royce will run like a Beetle. On the other hand, if you give a Beetle to a Rolls-Royce drive, within a year the Beetle will ride like a Rolls-Royce.

You will notice that there are people that are precious about their cars, taking pride and utmost care of them. These cars, regardless of whether they are Beetles or Rolls-Royces, match the care given them with performance. The opposite is true of cars that are abused and uncared for. And this principal is evident with other possession and in virtually any avenue.

Treat your body as the special temple that it is and you will be rewarded with years of fine service. We all know this. However, we don’t all follow the principal. That’s fine. We don’t all have to be car enthusiasts, we don’t all have to be health freaks, we don’t all have to be interested in business ventures. Thing is we also don’t have the right to complain when those aspects in our lives fall apart.

Treat you life with respect and care and it will serve you well. Likewise with your money, possessions, health, business and career. Pay attention to the aspects within your life that aren’t working according to you and determine how you can take better care of them.