Weekend Medication

An Affair With Money
11 Apr 2011
Do You Really Want To Make Money?
14 Apr 2011

Since my addiction was brought to my attention, I’ve been consciously shying away from reaching for my self-help books or seeking out courses and workshops. Well, I’ve been trying but cold turkey don’t fly with me.

At the same time, however, I am mindful of what is being presented to me. Oft times, we declare a goal or dream and then shun all the signs that point the the new direction. I will admit that I wasn’t always like that, but, in this jaded stage of my life, I have turned a blind eye to more opportunities than I should be doing.

That said, I was presented with the opportunity to attend Cat Glennie’s Money Medicine workshop yesterday. A short bit of urhming and aahing and wondering if this was just going to be more of the same learnings that I’d already been exposed to soon turned to a strong “Yes”.

Say YesCat’s catch phrase is “say Yes to life”, as shown in her logo above. Say Yes to what life presents. Say Yes to your highest dream.

The workshop was amazing. It only took me until first tea-break to get from “Oh, man, I’ve heard this before” to “Oh Boy, I’m so glad I came here!”

Cat has such an awesome, playful energy that you can’t help but be buoyant in her presence. I thoroughly recommend taking time out to play with her. Find out more about Cat and her work on her websites (www.catglennie.com and catglennie.blogspot.com) and read a little more about my experience of the workshop.