What makes you happy?

Wealth and Money
9 Jan 2011
Do what you love doing
17 Jan 2011

The other day, I said “Do what you do for the joy that it brings you”.
So tell me, how often do you do the things that bring you joy?

And how often is what you’re doing motivated by survival?

This morning, hundred of thousands of South Africans awoke at 5am or earlier so that they could make themselves pretty, get in their cars and drive through traffic to be at their job on time. They will spend most of the rest of the day working so that by the late afternoon they would have earned enough to get themselves back home, put food on the table, keep the debtors away, and still have some petrol money available so that they can repeat the cycle tomorrow, and the day after.

It’s a horrible feeling having to wake up to an alarm clock at least five days out of seven. To live your life by somebody else’s schedule, doing somebody else’s work, being paid what somebody else says you’re worth. To have your sense of freedom squashed so you can survive, compromising on when you go on holiday, where you send your kids to school, where you live, what you drive, and how you spend your day.

And, yet, this is the life of the vast majority of our populace. This could be describing your friends. Your neighbours. This could be describing you.

So. What makes you happy?
And why aren’t you doing it now?

Keeping you thinking.