When is Your Someday?

The month in review
18 Mar 2011
Does Anybody Know You Exist?
29 Mar 2011

Dreams that are someday in the vague future willl always be in the future. Set deadlines and actively work toward them.

How often have you heard a friend or colleague talk about how “someday” they’ll be free or famous or wealthy? Do you do this yourself?

It’s another standard statement that’s been bred into most of us. Your best friends and family would say that someday you’ll be thin. Someday you’ll meet the perfect man or woman. Someday you’ll be happy. Someday you’ll be a billionaire.

Having a dream to look forward to is important and inspiring and can be motivational, but let’s put things into perspective. If you’re an employee, would you tell your boss that you’ll finish your project someday? Would you trust anybody to handle an important activity for you if they only promised to get to it someday?

Chances are slim to none you won’t. And nobody would trust you if you had the same attitude. So why treat such important aspects in your life like happiness, wealth and freedom with such a laissez-faire attitude?

If your goals are someday in the vague future, they’ll always be in the future. And before you know it, you’re sixty-years-old and you haven’t hit any of your big dreams. So just as you push your work deadlines, set deadlines for your own prosperity. And commit to those deadlines.

Go to your dreams list of what you want to have, where you want to be, and what you want to do in your life. Set a deadline for each of the items on that list. It doesn’t have to be too realistic, of course, but it shouldn’t be totally frivolous either. For example, without a well structured prosperity plan, making a million rand in thirty days is not possible for most people. Instead give yourself six to twelve months and then do everything you can in that time to learn and practise the ways of wealth creators, while meeting and networking with people who have already made their first million bucks.

Whatever your goal and dreams, give yourself a date to work toward. Mark it in your calendar or diary and set yourself actionable steps that you can take on a daily or weekly basis.

Having a deadline is pointless if you’re not working toward it. If you don’t know what to do, research possible actions. Read books, hang out with people who have achieved your goal already, scan the internet for stories and people and ideas, consult with advisers, take courses, find a way.

Yes, not all projects are done in time. Which is why we must constantly evaluate ourselves and where we are in relation to our goals, readjusting accordingly. Just don’t give up and don’t keep extending your deadlines. That’s the same as just having somedays.

If you’ve never pressured yourself to achieve something big, ask yourself why you’re so willing to meet deadlines for other people without setting any for yourself? You are far more important than anyone you’ll ever work for.

So go on. Get out your personal calendar and your dreams list and mark out the future dates of your achievements now!