This is Where Your Chains Fall

An Unpredictable Industry
24 Feb 2011
What Are You Afraid Of?
28 Feb 2011

The books I spoke off in my last gabble have been very inspiring. Yes Man, while following the same concept of grabbing the Yeses, is fairly different from the relatively recent Jim Carrey movie. Our hero is actually a Londonite working a freelance production job for the BBC, for one thing.

Still, the same idea of deciding to grab opportunities instead of letting them slip by is an important lesson to us all. In the book, our main character, Danny, is happy that he is “no longer in control” of his life. By saying yes to anything that comes up, when he wakes up in the morning he has no idea where the day will take him.

When was the last time you had a totally unpredictable day?

How often we hold on to our routine because it seems safe, and not because it serves our greater purpose. There is a spiritual declaration that you should let go and let God. That’s to say, trust enough in Spirit, the Universe, God, Emmanuel, whatever you want to call It to let It run your life.

Many people may look at this as a lack of freewill. I know I once had similar thoughts; That we are puppets dancing to the Great God’s tune. This isn’t so. I’ve through my own spiritual growth, which incidentally took me all the way from being a confirmed atheist to a non-religious theist, I’ve learned that our role in life is not that much different from a passenger in a chauffeured vehicle.

In this scenario, All That Is (as I sometimes refer to God consciousness), is our dutiful chauffeur. Through our dominant thoughts and vibrations, consciously or unconsciously, we tell our chauffeur where to go. If we were in a space of total trust, we would state our destination, relax back on the plush seat and enjoy the ride. Alas, the vast majority of us aren’t that trusting of our unseen friend. Instead, we are the worst backseat drivers in the history of the ‘verse. We take out our own map and compare it to the GPS sitting on the console. We constantly look out the window for various signposts and landmarks, repeatedly changing our minds and throwing new directions at our driver, in the misguided belief we know better the direction we should be going.

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The problem with this is we really don’t know the route. Our maps have limited information or are outdated. The signs we are looking at may have a totally different meaning to what we think they do. In forcing your need to control, you are refusing your ultimate freedom.

What if we said Yes more? What if we didn’t judge a situation based on historical perceptions? What if we were more trusting of the process and journey that we’ve called into our lives?

I don’t know. Try it out for a day, a week, or a month. Carpe diem more. Let the chains that are your habitual behaviours fall. Grant yourself a semblance of freedom. Keep a journal. And let me know what happens.