Yoging In Jeans

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26 Jul 2011
Difficult Decisions
28 Jul 2011

Yoga is a way to get back into contact with the body-mind, forming a better connection to your personal spirit aspect which can only communicate with you via the body. In this society, we are encouraged to disconnect with our body and act through our headspace which is causing more and more disassociation from our true selves. Any form of bodywork, including massage and dance, counters the common teachings of mainstream society and returns us to the way things should be.

Yoga has made a major comeback over the last two decades, becoming a commercial product in some ways but still, for the most part, holding on to the ancient philosophies connecting spirit and body. In support of her own teachings, Cat Glennie has opened up her training space to yogis, holding classes for next to nothing.

My girlfriend, Élouise, who works with Cat, invited me to try out my first class in the space last night and I was most impressed. The class was invigorating, and my body was very happy to be moving again. Andrew, one of the teachers who may be regular there, is very calm, patient and well-versed in his yogic art.

I hadn’t realised that there would be a class last night and was there without any movement clothing or even a yoga mat, and wound up exercising in my slim jeans which was quite interesting in itself. Despite the tightness of the pants, I was still able to achieve a great workout (receiving an impromptu massaging of my pelvic area from the denim). Our class was quite small but that will change as word gets out. Cat has only had the space for about three weeks and the yoga has begun even more recently.

In fact, I may be using the space to conduct some of my Ka Huna treatments as well. For more information about the yoga and other events happening at Cat Glennie’s, visit her website.