Your Own Brand of Freedom

Freedom on a stringFreedom and Joy have been my predominant guiding lights throughout my life. And all my best memories have stemmed from living from these values. Alas, some of my worst life experiences have also been as a result of these values.

But, I’ve come to realise, for the most part, when people look at my life, they see the good. They see what I’ve achieved through living free. I am seen as courageous, adventurous, larger-than-life, mercurial, and fun. And I am all this in a sense. But I am also sometimes scared, lonely, sad, and lost. For me, a life of freedom meant I had to learn to become comfortable with myself, with being not “normal”, going it alone, and figuring out my own map. It has not been an easy nor comfortable journey, not physically and not emotionally. Freedom is not for the faint of heart.

Yet it does have its perks. I’ve over the years enjoyed a life of adventure, getting to meet people and see places and enjoy experiences many have not. I’ve attained a wealth of knowledge and skills by being open and saying “yes” to life without asking permission of my schedule or bank balance. The flip side to this was that often my bank balance would beat me up with a lead pole in return.

My journey has been to figure out a way to experience an untethered lifestyle while keeping the coffers filled, while dealing with emotional trauma and mental instability (more on both of that later). With several drastic failures in my wake, I have managed to pull all my personalities together to create a life that supports my lifestyle.

Your Brand of Freedom

Your Freedom

Freedom means different things to each of us. What is important is that you feel that every day is an adventure, and that you have a choice in how you live your life. I love engaging with people in the journey of discovering their ideal life, and creating a system that works for them.

My ability to connect with people has been my saving grace. Together with my programming, performance, and writing skills, I have put together this site and Creation begins, the company under which I deliver Conscious Web Development.

What is Conscious Web Development?

In addition to simply putting together a website that can so easily flounder and get lost in the Internet ocean, I offer advice that I’ve learnt over time to best address your audience and market your wares. I want to see you succeed in your endeavours, experience a life aligned with your core values, and I am able to show you what worked for me without you having to suffer the same pitfalls.

Let me journey with you to establish and find your freedom. Talk to me and let’s discuss the best options for you. I’m always happy to advise and assist where I can. And I would rather you take the best steps for your business than flounder in that online ocean.


Realise Your Freedom!