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into my multi-entertaining persona


Adept at mimicry, through performance, I explore the universe as characters conjured from stories.

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Influenced by teen detective, sci-fi and fantasy sagas, I do my best to live out my young self's dream job.

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A seeker of experience, I am constantly exploring our world of extracurricular adventures.

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Inspiration and Adventures

to uplift your life

I am a born uplifter and this shows in my work, both in the material that I write and the talks and workshops I offer. When I’m not entertaining myself and others with my shenanigans, I might just be helping someone come into themselves and find inspiration to live their life more fully.

Taking the lessons I’ve learnt through life, I wrote Creation begins with you as the foundational content that powers my talks and work and, in fact, life.

Current creations:

aka projects in the works

Lessons from that festival in the desert

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Living a life of expression and community, based on the principles created by the Burning Man group.

Guidance and support for people with depression written by a depressed person

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How to live with depression and still get shit done.

Life insights for kids of all ages

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The rules that many of us grew up with are no longer relevant to the youth of today.

Let me entertain you!

Video Showcase

Watch some of my featured performances.

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Short Stories

I will be adding some of my shorts to this website soon.

Read the tales

of my thoughts and opinions on things out in the universe

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A few years ago, I released my a book. Being Dusty, to the wild. Over the years, I found myself in an ever-growing community of people who care unconditionally, love freely, easily befriending and being befriended, living with heart, in a society that allows and encourages everyone to be their radically free selves, actively creating a new default world based on love and cooperation instead of competition. Being Dusty explores the foundational principles of this community, and how we can make them a part of our regular, daily life.

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    Get to know me

    I am the weirdo your mom warned you about.

    I am a polyeverything human Earthling, living at the best time of our history so far. My work in entertainment and enlightenment have been my biggest guiding lights, and on this website, you get to taste both journeys.

    My priority is joy, and I express this through my life and through my talents, experiencing and exploring, being totally extra, forever until I am dead.