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Confidence is key
4 Jan 2011
What makes you happy?
12 Jan 2011

Could you be one of the wealthiest people that have lived on this planet.

Why do I say this? Because now, more than any time in our history, our western-based society is wealthier than it’s ever been and we have access to all the resources to share in that wealth. Things and experiences that were once available only to the elite are now accessible to pretty much all of us.

Wealth, of course, isn’t just about money. It is a combination of good health, good friends, relationships, experiences, freedom, a sense of peace and happiness and an abundance of money. In short, real wealth is being happy most of the time.

The other day, I touched on confidence, inviting you to read the interview with Jim Rohn on the subject. Work on building your confidence and you will find yourself more happy more of the time. This is also the cornerstone to creating your financial success.

I came across Serge Kahili King in my Hawaiian wellness and bodywork therapy trainings. He has this to say:

“People can fail, too, when people lose confidence in them or when they lose confidence in themselves, regardless of the value of their goods and services. Likewise, people can succeed when people have extraordinary confidence in themselves, also regardless of the value of their goods and services.”
(you can read Mr Kahili King’s full article on Spiritual Economics here)

In other words, have more faith and confidence in yourself, and the world will trust you more, thus upping your value. And the more valuable you are in the eyes of other people, the more money you can bring into your life. Again, I point out the examples of world renowned authors, motivational speakers, sport and entertainment celebrities, to name but the more common and public figures.

In short, the more confidence we have in ourselves and our product or service, the more we can charge for it.

That said, let’s get down to monetising our value. Click through to this article on ways to specifically create an income online.

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